Customer notice: The launch of Wheatley Homes Glasgow

As of 1 April 2022, Glasgow Housing Association (GHA) is relaunched under the name Wheatley Homes Glasgow.

This follows Cube and GHA joining forces after the ballot result in late 2020 when 85.8% of Cube tenants in Glasgow who took part in the ballot agreed to join GHA. By coming together, allows Wheatley Homes Glasgow to do more for our customers and communities including:

  • launching our new Customer First Centre to provide you with a 24/7, 365-day service. It will use new technology and resolve issues at the first time of asking;
  • more services in your home with front-line staff spending more time than ever before in the heart of their communities, meaning we come to you;
  • new homes, new investment and new regeneration projects only possible thanks to bringing GHA and Cube together;
  • local hubs and Centres of Excellence as convenient locations where you can book face-to-face appointments or use the internet for wider community activities and as learning centres;
  • more online services at a time and place that suits you, such as web chat. This means being able to access services without having to travel to offices or worry about by opening times; and
  • introducing new ways of engaging with customers. It will see over 1000 tenants being involved in decision making. This means decisions being made by you and working together with us on improving and delivering new services.

You will notice some other changes straight away, including:

  • a new logo on our website, social media channels and on our policies and guidelines;
  • updates to our allocations website, MyHousing;
  • updates to our adverts.

After the launch on 1 April 2022, you may notice some changes do not happen right away and you may continue to see GHA branding in the short term. Do not worry though as we will make these changes soon, including:

  • changes to emails you'll get from staff - it will come from ‘…@wheatleyhomes-glasgow’ rather than ''
  • our new logo on signs and in our buildings in your community;
  • our new logo on uniforms and on our vehicles. We’ll also only change staff uniforms with the new name and logo as and when they need replaced to ensure best value for money;
  • changes to our IT systems; and
  • changes to the name of our bank account.

However, some things we know are important to you will remain unchanged:

  • no change to your landlord, housing officer or tenancy agreement;
  • no change to how you pay your rent – even if you pay by direct debit, there is no change you need to make; and
  • no change to any services you currently access, such as welfare support or fuel advice.