Transformational Regeneration Areas (TRAs)

Wheatley Homes Glasgow works in partnership with Glasgow City Council and the Scottish Government to transform neighbourhoods across Glasgow.

Transforming Communities: Glasgow (TC:G) is a strategic partnership which oversees the regeneration and development programme across eight neighbourhoods which are identified as Transformational Regeneration Areas (TRAs).

TC:G creates sustainable communities by regenerating housing and creating new community facilities, amenities and green spaces.

Wheatley Homes Glasgow has played a key role in the success of the TRAs by carrying out demolitions of tower blocks which were unpopular with residents and expensive to maintain and also building hundreds of new homes.

Wheatley Homes Glasgow works side-by-side with Lowther Homes and Loretto Housing Association – all part of Wheatley Group – to build new homes and transform TRA communities.

Lowther Homes offers mid-market renting for customers who may not qualify for social housing.

In addition, private sector development partners are also delivering homes for sale. The mix of housing tenures has increased choice and helped create sustainable communities.

Six of the TRAs have a Local Delivery Group - made up of residents, councillors, Wheatley Homes Glasgow and other partners to guide the work of TC:G.

Local Delivery Groups will be established for East Govan/Ibrox and Red Road/Barmulloch TRAs which are at early stages.

Find out more about six of the TRAs involving Wheatley Homes Glasgow below.


A major regeneration programme has been carried out within the Gallowgate area of Glasgow, including the demolition of the Bluevale and Whitevale multi-storey flats.

The first new homes were handed over to WHG tenants in September 2013, offering a mix of 50 houses and 12 cottage flats. Six were built for wheelchair users.

Phase 2 is currently under way and will provide more homes for social rent and mid-market rentals with Lowther Homes.

The contractor, CCG, will create six apprenticeships, six new jobs and nine work placements.

Check out a Google Map of the Gallowgate TRA.


The transformation of Sighthill in the north of Glasgow is one of the largest regeneration projects in the United Kingdom, outside of London, and will create new homes, infrastructure and community facilities.

In December 2015, 141 new homes were completed and handed over to Wheatley Homes Glasgow tenants. The contractor CCG created six apprenticeships and nine new jobs through the construction works.

Keepmoat Homes, the private sector development partner for the Sighthill TRA, will build hundreds of homes in 2019. Lowther Homes will also offer new homes for mid-market rent. The development will also include retail units.

A new road bridge linking the area to Cowlairs and the wider north of the city will open in 2019. A new bridge over the M8 will be ready in 2020 which will provide easy access to Glasgow city centre.

Check out a Google Map of the Sighthill TRA.

North Toryglen 

The transformation of North Toryglen in the south of Glasgow is well underway with 100 new Wheatley Homes Glasgow homes, including 10 for people in wheelchairs, handed over to tenants in September 2016. The contractor Cruden Building and Renewals employed two apprentices and created six new jobs.

Cruden Homes, the private sector development partner, completed the first phase of new homes for sale in June 2018 with phase 2 well underway.

Local organisation Urban Roots is working with the community, Clyde Gateway Urban Regeneration Company and the TRA partners to improve greenspaces.

Funding has also been provided through the Scottish Energy Efficiency Programme to deliver energy improvements within community facilities.

Check out a Google Map of the North Toryglen TRA.


Demolition of unpopular multi-storey blocks paved the way for around 450 new homes which have transformed the historic burgh of Pollokshaws in the south side of Glasgow.

The first 93 new flats and houses were handed over to Wheatley Homes Glasgow tenants in 2012. In 2015, two tenement blocks on Shawbridge Street were refurbished to provide 40 flats for mid-market rent through Lowther Homes. A further 47 energy-efficient flats were handed over to Wheatley Homes Glasgow tenants in 2017.

In March 2019, Loretto Housing Association completed 42 new homes for social rent including amenity flats and supported accommodation. Contractor CCG took on two apprentices, four new jobs and five work placements as part of the work.

Urban Union, the private sector development partner for Pollokshaws, began the construction of new homes for sale in early summer 2019 at Shawholm Crescent.

Wheatley Homes Glasgow will work with the Local Delivery Group and TRA partners to deliver future phases of new homes and look at options for community facilities within the area.

Check out a Google Map of the Pollokshaws TRA.

Red Road/Barmulloch

The demolition of all eight multi-storey blocks at Red Road was completed by 2015.

Two phases of new homes in the area were finished by 2017 with 312 new homes built.

Community drop-in events have been held to find out what people want to see in the area. Further community engagement will take place and a Local Delivery Group set up to help shape the future redevelopment of the area.

Check out a Google Map of the Red Road/Barmulloch TRA.

East Govan/Ibrox

Demolition work has allowed the area in the south west of Glasgow to be regenerated.

Lowther Homes refurbished 98 flats at Ibroxholm Oval for mid-market rent in 2013. A further 65 homes for mid-market rent are being built and due to be completed in summer 2019.

Contractor Engie employed three apprentices, four new jobs and eight work placements while also donating to local community projects.

Lowther Homes also completed 36 flats at Hinshelwood Drive for mid-market rent alongside 116 flats for social rent for Wheatley Homes Glasgow.

Cruden Building and Renewals employed four apprentices and created four new jobs. The company also supported community projects and a primary school.

A Local Delivery Group will be set up to help shape the future redevelopment of the East Govan/Ibrox TRA. An initial Delivery Strategy has been produced.

Check out a Google Map of the East Govan/Ibrox TRA.