Bogus callers and rogue traders

Bogus callers are criminals who claim to be someone they’re not to get into your home.

They could target anyone at any time, but they often focus on the over-60s. They’ll often pretend to be from Wheatley Homes Glasgow, a council department or a utility company. What they want to do is steal your money and valuables.

Rogue traders

They offer to carry out work on your house, garden or driveway. In reality, they charge inflated prices for shoddy or unnecessary work.

Tips to keep safe at home

  • don’t let any strangers into your home
  • use a door chain, if you have one
  • always ask for proof of identification and check it carefully – it must have a photograph of the caller on it
  • never be persuaded or bullied to let someone inside your home or worry about seeming rude
  • if in doubt – keep them out
  • never give keys to workmen or tradesmen unless you are certain you can trust them – copy keys are easily made.

What to do if you receive a visit from a bogus caller

Call the police on 101. You should then call us on 0800 479 7979.

If the bogus caller or rogue trader refuses to leave or you feel scared, phone 999 and ask for the police.