Livingwell service

We know that not every tenant is the same – and everyone has different needs.

Livingwell service

Our Livingwell service helps our older tenants live independently in their own homes for as long as they can.

Homes with Livingwell services are available through Wheatley Homes Glasgow and Loretto Housing Association.

Livingwell includes:

  • staff, or volunteers, on site at planned times several days a week
  • Livingwell Advisors, working in small local teams as part of wider area hubs, providing cover 365 days a year
  • a wider range of leisure and social activities for tenants when it suits, including in the evening and at weekends
  • opportunities for tenants to take part in volunteering
  • a tried-and-tested OkEachDay service where tenants press a button to let us know everything is fine at their home and, if not, receive a call from a friendly person.

Livingwell is run by Wheatley Care, which is also part of Wheatley Group and one of Scotland’s leading care and support providers. The OKEachday service is operated by Alertacall.

Tenants with more complex or critical needs get help to arrange a statutory assessment for a care package by the Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership.

Our Livingwell homes, which were previously sheltered and very sheltered housing, are available to people aged 60 and over.

Livingswell 55+ is our former amenity housing. For people aged 55 and over, the Livingwell 55+homes offer independent living, offering tenants the option of support visits and access to technology.

To note an interest in available homes for rent for people aged 55 and over, or find out more about the service, go to MyHousing - our online housing information, advice and letting service.