Regeneration isn’t just about bringing forgotten pieces of land back to life or building new homes. It’s a fantastic opportunity to bring real economic and social benefit to people in our communities and to help transform lives.

We've already demolished homes which were unfit for modern life and built thousands of new homes – with more in the pipeline. But that's just one part of our regeneration story. Read all about how we are changing communities for the better.


One of Scotland’s biggest regeneration projects has kickstarted in Maryhill

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Investing in homes

Our new-build and refurbished homes are transforming communities.

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In your home

Find out more about the big-money improvements we're making to Wheatley Homes Glasgow homes.

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Around your home

Read all about the ways we are changing Wheatley Homes Glasgow neighbourhoods for the better.

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We aim to cut our carbon footprint so our homes are good for the environment.

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Demolitions helps us support local and major regeneration projects.

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Transformational Regeneration Areas (TRAs)

We work with the Scottish Government and Glasgow City Council to transform areas.

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