Fire doors

Fire doors are an important part of fire safety in your home.

Fire doors are used to prevent fire spread and to protect the means of escape.

If you live in a flat that is accessed by an internal corridor or stairwell, then your entrance door will be a fire door and should provide at least 30 minutes of fire resistance.

Flat entrance doors should:

  • be in good condition with no noticeable damage or holes;
  • fully self-close into the frame from any angle;
  • have no excess gaps at the side or bottom of the door;
  • have no excess gaps between the door and doorframe; and
  • have a letter box plate fitted to both sides of the door with a flap that fully closes.

If you notice any faults with your door then please report this immediately to our Customer First Centre on 0800 479 7979.

It is important that if you live in a flat you do not change your entrance door without seeking permission from your Housing Officer first. Self-closing devices should not be tampered with and flat entrance doors should not be wedged open.