Sustainability projects

Our projects are helping cut fuel bills - and helping the environment.

We know rising gas and electricity bills are a real worry for tenants of all ages. That's why we use the latest technologies to keep bills down.

The great news is that these energy schemes are also better for the environment.

Solar generation

Solar generation

A project to fit 500 GHA homes with solar panels has helped tenants reduce fuel bills – and generated more than 2.4million kWh of electricity so far.

Tenants who had panels fitted to their roofs enjoy free electricity produced during daylight hours.

The panels have generated enough energy to make 49 million cups of tea.

The panels have also helped save more than 1400 tonnes of CO2 – the same amount of CO2 as would be produced driving a bus 10,560,000 miles.

District heating schemes

A £4.3million district heating scheme in the south side of Glasgow was a UK first.

The energy centre at Hillpark Drive, Pollokshaws, provides 350 homes with heating and hot water.

Taking heat out of the air, the district heating system uses innovative technology unseen on this scale elsewhere in the UK.

GHA is also installing solar panels on one block, which will feed into the energy centre, to improve energy efficiency.

The district heating system reduces fuel poverty in the area and carbon emissions.

The project was made possible thanks to a £2.5million grant from the Scottish Government’s Local Energy Challenge Fund, as well as funding from Glasgow City Council.