Making your community great

We’re working hard to make your community a great place to live.

NETS staff cleaning outside of block

We want you to be proud of where you live and to enjoy living in a safe, clean and tidy community.

Your local environmental team is working 24 hours a day to help make this happen.

Your local team

Your local environmental team will become familiar faces in your neighbourhood.

You might be surprised at just how many tasks they carry out.

They are working in your neighbourhood 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  They will ensure your landing and stairs are cleaned weekly and foyers and lifts daily. They will carry out a number of patrols every day within each block to ensure the areas are free from litter or hazards.

Our patrols within buildings and neighbourhoods help to keep you safe.

Your local team will offer a reception service and you can contact them, day or night, if you have an issue and they will be happy to help. They also monitor CCTV that is located within the site.

You may have noticed our staff are now also working within the environment around your blocks. We will de-litter that area every day. We also now cut the grass around the neighbourhood. We will carry this out every fortnight for you to enjoy during the summer.

We also have specialist teams, such as arborists and gardeners. The arborist teams – our specialists who look after trees – carry out pruning, felling and shaping trees using full safety and climbing  equipment. Our gardeners carry out maintenance to grounds and gardens.

What you can expect

In partnership with Keep Scotland Beautiful, we have agreed an Environmental Quality Standard for your neighbourhood. This means that you can expect the following work to be carried out weekly, unless states.

  • Wash foyer, twice a day
  • Clean all glasswork on ground level, twice a day
  • Clean lift casings and facings
  • Sweep stairs and landings
  • Wash stairs and landings
  • Dust down all bannisters, railings, window sills and light fittings
  • Clean all glassed areas on landings and staircases, monthly
  • Clean chute hoppers and disinfect inside of hopper
  • De-litter area around the blocks, twice a day
  • Brush hard standing entrances at front and rear, daily
  • Mow grass area fortnightly, during summer months
  • Strim grass edges fortnightly, during summer months
  • Prune shrub beds, as required
  • Scrape weeds and hard standing areas, as required
  • Clear fallen leaves and dispose of as required in winter
  • Apply weed killer to hard standing areas as necessary
  • Security patrol of landings and stairs, twice a day
  • Remove graffiti, as required
  • Monitor CCTV, 24 hours a day.

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