Welfare benefits

It's important to make sure you get all the help that you're due. The UK Government's welfare benefits system has changed – and you need to know what support you can get. 

We can help you make sense of it all so you don't miss out.

Universal Credit

Are you on Universal Credit? Don't worry alone. We're here to help you.

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Welfare benefit changes

Keep up to date with the latest changes to the welfare benefit system.

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Welfare benefits – we can help

We have a range of great support services to help tenants who are struggling.

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What benefits can I claim?

There are lots of different benefits out there – are you due any?

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New tenants

Get all of the help and support you need from day one.

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Tenants of working age

Benefit changes could hit you in the pocket. Speak to us today.

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Tenants who are retired

Older people often don't claim what they are due. Don't miss out.

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Extra support

Are you still struggling on benefits? Other help is available.

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Budget planner

Do you know how much it costs to run your home? Try our budget calculator.

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