Wyndford: your questions answered

It’s important residents in Wyndford have all the facts about the demolition and the proposals for the new homes in the area.

Our Question and Answers below give you the information you need to know.

We don’t want there to be any misunderstandings or people hearing half-truths.

Remember, tenants who have any questions about the regeneration can contact their housing officer.

When will residents find out more about the regeneration plans?

A masterplan is being developed by architects, the Wyndford Futures focus group and the wider community. It is expected to be submitted to Glasgow City Council in 2024. Tenants are playing a key role with architects to help decide the new homes, green areas, paths and more. Tenants will be involved throughout the regeneration and will always help shape the plans.

What is the Wyndford Future Focus Group and who can join?

We invited tenants to get in touch to be part of a focus group to help create the masterplan for the £100 million regeneration. There will be lots of opportunities for homeowners, private tenants, and other key community stakeholders to have their say while the masterplan is being developed.

Is it not better to retrofit the flats than demolish them?

Studies by leading architects and structural engineers have shown retrofitting the homes and trying to make them into larger flats would compromise the structural integrity and stability of the buildings.

Are you making a profit from the sale of land after the demolition?

No. There will be no private homes for sale, no commercial units included in the plans, and no land will be sold to private developers.

Why are you demolishing four multi-storeys when there is a homelessness crisis?

The four blocks were no longer fit for purpose, had high turnover and low demand. Wheatley Group allocates 60% of its social homes to homeless applicants. Last year, we provided more than 1300 homes to homeless people and families in Glasgow.

Will the new homes be for private rent?

No. Of the 386 homes, 85% will be for social rent, including larger family-style homes, and the rest for mid-market rent.

How much will the mid-market homes cost to rent?

Mid-market rents start at £435 a month. They will be for local people who earn between £21,000 and £40,000 and who have no priority for social housing but can’t afford to buy their own home. The homes will be a mix of one, two, three and four-bedroom houses and flats. The homes will be high-quality and fuel-efficient, offering the same number, if not more, bedrooms as the blocks which will be demolished.

Who will demolish the flats?

Safedem are the two-times World Demolition Team of the Year. They are leading experts and have safely brought down buildings across the world.

Is it true the demolition will close the Kelvin walkway for years?

Absolutely not. The masterplan is looking at ways to improve the walkway to make it more accessible for the community.

I’ve heard talk about the loss of 57,000 tonnes of embodied carbon. What does this mean?

Embodied carbon is the amount of carbon emitted during the construction of a building. These emissions happened when the blocks were built in the 1960s. They are not the same thing as CO2 emissions which are harming the planet.

Will the demolition release hazardous substances into the air?

No. Safedem will survey the blocks to identify any hazardous materials. Those materials will then be safely removed.

Will the demolition have an impact on the environment?

We are taking all precautions and following all regulations to prevent any impact on the environment or wildlife.

Will the demolition be noisy?

Work to prepare the blocks for demolition will be carried out 8am-6pm, Monday to Friday. Safedem will keep any disruption to a minimum.

How will I find out more about the demolition plans?

Safedem will issue regular newsletters, updating the community on details of work, safety advice, their work with schools and creating jobs and training. You’ll also get updates at www.wheatleyhomes-glasgow. com

What will happen to the rubble from the demolished blocks?

Up to 98% of the demolition material from the blocks will be recycled. The remaining material can be used as foundations for new homes or to build new roads.

How long will it take to clear the site for work to start on the new homes?

Site clearance will start straight after the blocks are demolished. This is expected to take 12 months, after which work will start on the new homes. Subject to receiving the necessary consents from Glasgow City Council, we expect to make a start on the new homes in summer 2025.

Will I have to leave my home for the blocks to be demolished?

You’ll be able to carry on as normal while Safedem prepare the blocks for demolition. On the day of the blowdown, we may need some residents to vacate their homes for a few hours.

What plans do the Council have for the Wyndford Hub?

The masterplan proposals will be subject to a full planning application and public consultation. The proposed new community hub will be subject to the appropriate Council approval.

The new hub would include a two-storey height hall, café, Click & Connect computers, bookable meeting rooms and more.

The proposals being developed include provision to ensure continuity of the services currently delivered from the existing hub until the new one is constructed.