The younger tenant in their 50s will love this....

Sitting down, standing up, running on the spot – older tenants in the south side are helping each other stay healthy and active.

tenants at 415 Nitshill Road enjoy the new gym

A new fitness suite with a treadmill, exercise bike, weights and more, has just opened at the GHA high-rise block at 415 Nitshill Road.

And tenants are hoping more people will put on their trainers and help each other get in shape.

The new gym equipment is one of a series of features designed to help older people in the block live independently for longer.

Margaret Dunn, a sprightly 84, said: “The gym equipment will be popular among some of the younger tenants here – the ones in their 50s.

“I had a light session on the exercise bike and enjoyed it.

“It’s a good way of meeting other people too. I’ll probably use it again.”

GHA’s Locality Director Laura Henderson added: “We want to help tenants live independent lives and we’re grateful to Joanne Keltie from Glasgow Life for her help with the inductions.

“We’re keen for more tenants to sign up for the fitness suite so we can arrange regular classes.”

Tenants need to go through short induction before they can use the equipment.

To arrange an induction, phone 274 8008.

Margaret Dunn is pictured above, right, with Elizabeth Cole.

Monday, April 01, 2019